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ITOL - Adapting to a new learning development role

iTOL Questions – How do I find out how people learn and what they need to know to do their jobs properly?

iTOL Questions is a series of mini-blog posts that aim to answer common L&D related questions and provide help and support for L&D professionals. The Issue: When you enter a new role in L&D it will often be in a completely new organisation which has a completely different purpose, direct...
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iTOL Questions- What are the reasons why an employee can’t carry out their job properly?

This is the first in a series of mini posts in which we deconstruct the answers to important L&D related questions. The aim is to produce a comprehensive guide for L&D practitioners who can then use these answers in their own training roles. Today’s Question: What are the reasons why an em...
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Why Training is Undervalued- pt 3

This is the final installment of Why Training is Undervalued and follows on from our previous blog post which explained how many trainers have inadequate training and ways to recognise professionals who are properly qualified. As perceptions of the training industry have changed over time for both ...
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Here is a Networking Philosophy that Works

What’s the big deal with networking? It is simple, networking is a way for professionals to connect with each other and it’s a really important skill to have. At iTOL HQ we have been watching this Ted Talks video about networking and we think that Christopher Barratt is onto something with his n...
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