Why Training is Undervalued- pt 3

This is the final installment of Why Training is Undervalued, and follows on from our previous blog post which explained how many trainers have inadequate training and ways to recognise professionals who are properly qualified. As perceptions of the training industry have changed over time for both managers and employees, it is important that the profession is strengthened from within. Here’s a recap of the issues with the industry: Trainers are more interested in selling a […]

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Why Leading Trainers Use this iTOL Personal Assessment Tool

Why leading trainers are using this iTOL personal assessment tool. At iTOL we look after our members. We provide our members with exclusive access to the latest in professional materials, links and networks. One of the most popular resources we offer is our CPD Toolkit, a cutting edge collection of tips, tricks and templates for those looking to develop their careers. We have decided to share some aspects of this toolkit free of charge through […]

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