Why Leading Trainers Use this iTOL Personal Assessment Tool

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One of the most popular resources we offer is our CPD Toolkit, a cutting edge collection of tips, tricks and templates for those looking to develop their careers.

We have decided to share some aspects of this toolkit free of charge through our blog, because we believe that CPD should be something that everybody considers important, and we would like to show you just how easy it actually is.

One of the most important professional skills is the ability to self-assess.

As professionals we should be able to critically evaluate ourselves including our skills and abilities. If we can do this successfully then we will be able to work on our weaknesses, harness our strengths and maximise our productivity.

This is essentially the key to developing ourselves professionally

The easiest way to perform a self-analysis is through the use of the SWOT model – illustrated below:


If you can answer the following questions on the SWOT then you will be one step further into your professional development. Fill it in and let us know how you’ve found the iTOL take on the SWOT model.

What advantages do you have that others don’t have (for example, skills, certifications, education, or connections)?

  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • What personal resources can you access?
  • What do other people (and your boss, in particular) see as your strengths?
  • Which of your achievements are you most proud of?
  • What values do you believe in that others fail to exhibit?
  • Are you part of a network that no one else is involved in? If so, what connections do you have with influential people?


  • What tasks do you usually avoid because you don’t feel confident doing them?
  • What would the people around you see as your weaknesses?
  • Are you completely confident with your current skill set? If not where are you weakest?
  • What are your negative work habits?
  • Do you have personality traits that hold you back in your field? (fear of public speaking or procrastination for example)


  • What new technology can help you?
  • Can you get help from people or support via the internet?
  • Is there areas of the profession that are growing?
  • Are new markets becoming apparent?
  • Do you have a network of strategic contacts?
  • What trends are you observing in work practices, management etc.?
  • Are any of your competitors failing to do something important?
  • Can you take advantage of a need that is being overlooked?
  • Is there a gap that no-one is filling?


  • What obstacles do you currently face at work?
  • Who is competing with you for projects etc.?
  • What personal/professional changes are in the offing?
  • How are future technology trends going to affect you?
  • Could any of your weaknesses lead to threats?;

This assessment tool will provide key information that can point out areas for development, it can also put problem areas into perspective.

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