Accredited Centres


Recognition as an ITOL Accredited Centre can be achieved quite simply. Our friendly expert team offer advice and support to ensure your training and the experience of your learners is quality assured and satisfies the criteria for the Accredited Centre standards. You will be able to use ITOL branding and be added to our Centre Directory which is prominently displayed on our web site.

We make the whole process painless and more affordable.
We support you every step of the way!

Give your clients the assurance of quality by joining our global network of Accredited Centres

CPD Accreditation with ITOL

Centre Discovery

Marathon Oil

Equatorial Guinea

CMD Group

Courtley Health and Safety Ltd
United Kingdom

Imperial London Hotels

United Kingdom

Advocates Group Academy


Alliance Healthcare Services
United States of America

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BetVictor Learning Centre 


BRC Promotions

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The Capital Group 

Curo Training Solutions
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Novo Learning 

Knowledge Transfer Network – Innovate

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Life Skills Institute


Posterity Thinkers

Sierra Leone

Turning Point
United Kingdom

Rose Reid Training

United Kingdom

West Suffolk College

United Kingdom

English Learning Corner


First Port
United Kingdom 

ATOM Training & Consultancy Institute 

Trinidad & Tobago

Secure Forests

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Omniplex Learning

United Kingdom 

National Foster Carers Qualification  

United Kingdom

Mindsights Consulting



United Kingdom

Heart Knocks Global


CXL Group 


International Patient Experience Academy

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Heart Knocks Global


CXL Group 



United States of America

Voice Study Centre

United Kingdom

Healthcare Organization Of Professional Development


Scared so what

United Kingdom

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Accredited Centre FAQ’s 

Why should I Certify my Training?

In an increasingly competitive market, we have found among providers an appetite to stand out from the crowd by having their activities validated and certified for quality, and among professionals a desire for assistance in identifying good quality provision. Certification by ITOL provides a kite mark of quality that serves professionals and providers alike, and helps to raise overall standards. An independent standard enables potential clients to recognise high quality provision.

What happens if we don't satisfy your Criteria?

ITOL demand high standards because we need good quality training provision to be recognised and encouraged. However, we do not justify our standards by operating on a ‘% fail’ basis, we want all training provision to be recognised for its quality. Therefore, we work with you to help you achieve certification, our team is available to provide free advice and support until you are successful.

What exactly is an Accredited Centre?

ITOL Accredited Centers are ‘virtual’. This means that there is no need for a physical place to operate from. Whether you are a freelance/independent trainer, a training company or a training department within an organisation, you can apply. We charge an annual fee and all of your Training events will be automatically Accredited free of charge.

How much does it cost to become an Accredited Centre?

Becoming an ITOL Accredited Centre is really simple:

  • You will pay £1300 p.a. and all of your Training events are automatically Accredited free of charge.
  • Student registration/certification costs £10 per student and there are no re-certification fees.

The whole process normally takes around 10 working days – sometimes sooner.

How does the Certification process work?

Certification is a straightforward process. To show that you satisfy the criteria, you complete an application form and send supporting documentation. A team of L&D expert’s will check it out for what we call “learning logic”. In other words, we check how it is designed and if it will be delivered well enough to achieve its objectives and how will this be assessed. We do not certify the detailed content of your training – you are the ‘subject matter expert’. We provide the expertise in learning and development. Once our L&D experts are happy, our friendly service team liaise with you to finalise the process.

What are the benefits of being an Accredited Centre?

  • Benchmark and quality assure your training against international standards.
  • Public demonstration of your commitment to the highest quality of training delivery.
  • Commercial credibility and added value to your training.
  • Provide your clients with globally recognised Certification.

How about Copyright and Intellectual Property?

This is a concern for a number of our providers. Rest assured that copyright and your Intellectual Property remains with you and your organisation. Our panel of experts work under confidentiality agreements, and it is clear that your content is strictly your IP and not to be shared with any other parties.

If it makes you more comfortable, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If confidentiality is a serious concern for you we are also happy to conduct your assessment on a face to face basis. There may be a small charge for this depending on your geographical location.

How much does each course Accreditation costs?

The fee structure is really simple:

  • Initial certification of one learning event £495
  • Individual certification of further events £150
  • Student registration/certification £20 per student
  • There are no re-certification fees!

The whole process normally takes around 10 working days – sometimes sooner.

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