8 Steps

This 8 step process has evolved over a number a years and ensures that we can provide a unique solution that meets your precise needs.



We take the time to understand your situation and real needs before making any recommendations. We make it our business to understand your business: strategy; current performance; future direction; culture etc.
Our role is to add value on the basis of our knowledge, expertise and experience. We make no assumptions so gentle questioning is the order of the day.
We clarify our understanding of your brief and respond with some initial thoughts. This serves as the basis for further and more detailed discussion about the best approach going forward.
We will present you with a firm proposal. This presents our detailed and specific recommendations on how to meet your precise needs. It includes our suggested approach, methodology and total costings for the project.
We create the learning experience. We design the programme and all the materials, we select the most suitable trainer based on knowledge experience and ‘culture fit’ and create a comprehensive brief.
We have final agreement on the outcomes and deliverables against which we will measure and evaluate.
We implement a facilitated learning event, capitalising on the most up to date best practice. Our focus is not to acquire learning but to transfer learning into the workplace resulting in performance improvement.
We undertake post-event measurement to the agreed evaluation level and assess the ultimate outcome in terms of individual improvement and business performance.

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