Continuous Professional Development



Continuous Professional Development (CPD) forms a central part of any successful professional’s life, it demonstrates ‘learning agility’ and it is the key to career progression and professional growth. CPD with ITOL increases knowledge; builds confidence and credibility. It enables you to cope positively with change by updating your skill set and you will become more productive and efficient.
It is imperative that you invest seriously in the one place that guarantees a rich return on investment – YOU!



Identify your needs and schedule your time.



Choose your activity e.g. course; book; mentor etc.



Use your “reflective Learning Journal”



Your reflections and insights to improve team performance.


Continual Professional Development

Successfully Managing L&D Projects

Effective project management skills are becoming increasingly important to Learning & Development Professionals. Many organisations are adopting a project approach to organising work, this is in response to the demands for continuous improvement in quality and also ensuring value for money. Project management offers Learning & Development Professionals some methodologies along with the tools and techniques to not only keep their training projects on track, but also talk the same language as their clients. This course is designed for those who need a practical “hands-on” approach to managing training projects.

Essential Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is increasingly becoming a required skill of the Learning & Development Professional who wishes to have a greater impact within their organisation. It is essential for the Independent Training Consultant!

Training Needs Analysis

As organisations continue to face global financial difficulties, it brings added pressure on the Learning & Development Profession to ensure that training is both effective and focused. The focus of an organisation has to be on successfully achieving its objectives. It is imperative for staff to be trained in the knowledge and skills that are needed in order to reach those goals.

Networking with Confidence

Learning to network effectively can be the single biggest factor that contributes to your professional success and personal satisfaction. At it’s most simple, Networking is the art of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships, not something to be feared or avoided but a powerful business tool. This course is ideal for the freelance consultant who needs to increase their exposure through personal marketing but isn’t quite sure how to go about it or the organisational trainer who needs to navigate their organisation and raise the profile of Learning & Development.

Measuring the Impact of Training

Increasingly, training departments are being asked to justify the training they offer, along with their consulting interventions, with hard data. Since organisations are under great pressure to cut costs and do more with less, this trend is likely to continue. If you haven’t been asked to prove the ROI (Return On Investment) from your training, you probably will be soon. Proper assessment and evaluation of learning interventions is essential to organisational effectiveness in these hyper-busy and competitive times. We need to be 100% serious about evaluation – it really is our friend!

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