The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning


Identifying and Correctly Analysing Training Needs

3 Hour Live On-line Masterclass.

The emphasis of every organisation is on successfully improving performance. This brings added pressure on L&D to ensure that training is both effective and focused on equiping people with the correct knowledge and skills. When training misses the mark, more often than not, the fault lies right at the beginning – in the way needs were identified in the first place.

We need to achieve excellence in this arena by accurately identifying the gap that exists between current and desired performance ensuring that new challenges and opportunities are met with the correct learning opportunities. This Masterclass enables you to do exactly that.


By the end of this Masterclass you should be able to:

  • Recognise the relationship between TNA, and Performance Improvement;
  • Understand the links to strategy and organisation effectiveness;
  • Understand the application of TNA principles within the context of your organisation; 
  • Be able to analyse with line management the issues they are facing; 
  • Be able to apply a range of tools, techniques and methodologies facilitating effective TNA; 
  • Use these techniques with individuals and groups; 
  • Help individuals to identify their own current area and level of competence; 
  • Analyse information to priorities training needs; 
  • Prepare for training needs analysis projects at a variety of levels; 
  • Understand and utilise the different stages of a training needs analysis; 
  • Describe different possible solutions to a business shortfall; 
  • Conduct TNA projects in a timely and effective manner.

It is imperative for staff to be trained with the skills that are needed in order to enable the organisation to successfully achieving its commercial objectives. Accurate training needs analysis enables correct training plans to be put in place. This course will enable you to correctly identify the gap between current and desired performance. 

The cost of this Masterclass is £179 per learner inc vat

Limited numbers ensure maximum benefit for participants.

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