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Measuring the Impact of Training

3 Hour Live On-line Masterclass.

Do you know the true ‘Dollar Value’ of your contribution to your organisation?

Organisations thrive on training projects and programmes that improve business results. It is imperative that we calculate the benefits – monetary or otherwise – that we contribute to the success of our organisation. Few trainers can expertly use the range of reliable methods that exist to help them prove their worth.

If we want to show that learning makes a positive difference, we need to be able to provide powerful evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness. We also need to show that training creates value from both individual and organisational perspectives. How do you convince budget holders that it’s been worth it?

This live on-line masterclass aims to equip you with a variety of approaches and methodologies along with essential skills and tools for you to prove the value and impact of your training. So if you, or anyone in your team, need to explore practical and powerful methods for evaluating the effect of training – this is for you.


By the end of this Masterclass you should be able to:

  • Understand and Analyse a range of methodologies;
  • Utilise 5 Models of Evaluation;
  • Apply the appropriate method to each performance issue;
  • Calculate the financial benefit of specific training programmes;
  • Write an Evaluation Report for positive impact with all Stakeholders;
  • Demonstrate the alignment of L&D with strategic objectives;

The cost of this Masterclass is £179 + vat

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