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Benefits of Membership

“Thinking about ITOL Membership? Here’s what you can expect. ‘Courtesy’ ‘Kindness’ ‘Helpfulness’ ‘Professionalism’ ‘Honesty’ and ‘Generosity’. this is what people thank us for every week so it must be important to them, I know it is very important to us.”

Harry Bundred,
Director of the Institute


Member Benefits

Post Nominal Letters

Membership of ITOL, with the appropriate designatory letters after your name, is a demonstration to others of your professional status and will serve as an enduring mark of achievement and credibility.


Free e-books

A regular delivery, direct to your inbox of useful e-books such as “How to be really effective on Linkedin” and “International Glossary of Training Terms” Lots of them – and all free!

Access Web Resources

Password access to your dedicated and exclusive members area on the web site where you will find articles; useful forms; inspirational videos; magazine back issues; CPD toolkit and much more!

Alchemy Performance Assistant

Performance Assistant is a breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on every area of workplace learning. Practical, down to earth knowledge, tools, and methods, right when you need it.

Free Membership

Free Membership For Life!
We want you to share in our growing success. If you introduce three new members, in any one year period, we will refund your membership fees for that year. What that means is if you continually contribute to our growth, you could receive free membership for life!

Amazing Discounts

ITOL membership affords substantial discounts on Books; Materials; Events; Conventions; Qualifications and Courses.

Online Networking Opportunities

Membership of ITOL’s Linkedin group gives you a unique opportunity to tap into the global wisdom of ITOL’s huge networking resource to share ideas and information but also to get help from other L&D professionals. Create contacts on every continent in the world.

Use of Branding

By joining the Institute you will be able to use the ITOL logo on your literature, website and all associated materials.

Get your own courses accredited

We trust our members to design and deliver excellent training courses, and we back their professionalism with a certification scheme. It’s inexpensive and simple to administer, each course has its design and delivery quality assured by ITOL and each student certificate is uniquely numbered and joint branded with your logo.


Great Price Plan For You

The world of learning is becoming increasingly more complex and simple hard edged criteria to determine level of membership is outmoded and no longer fit for purpose. The Admissions Panel of the Institute now assess against three criteria; Expertise; Experience and Eminence.

• Expertise relates to skill; knowledge; proficiency and capability.
• Experience relates to length of time and areas of involvement.
• Eminence relates to status, prominence or reputation (Training practitioner, Training manager, Director of Learning, Etc).

In this way the Institute’s level of membership more closely reflects the individual’s contribution to the profession.
Why not phone our membership liaisons team (0151 236 1813) for further help with your application?

All Levels



All Levels



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Join online straight away! Once you have completed the online form you will be asked to pay a one off management fee of £89 When your application has been approved you will be sent a standing order mandate for your annual fees of £99 (1st year payable immediately). We use standing orders to keep administration costs down, enabling us to keep improving our service to you.


Please note your application will not be submitted until the Management fee has been paid.

Once you become a member of ITOL, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Membership badge that can be shared across all platforms.