The 6 Workplace Personalities and How to Manage Them

At some point you will have come across every single one of these… There are six workplace personalities which you will have encountered. The chances are they will already be familiar to you but you didn’t know how to categorise them. Due to the diverse nature of workplace personas it can be dif...
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The Three C’s of Consulting

As a consultant, you may think to yourself that there should be some form of magic formula, recipe or equation that can be used to create the most effective consultancy experience. The truth is that being a successful consultant doesn’t happen by accident, in fact, it is achieved through a combina...
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Telling a Story to Engage Your Participants

In the learning and development profession, many of us use storytelling on a daily basis. We attempt to capture the imagination of our students and metaphor becomes a valuable training tool. What we must ask ourselves is if we use storytelling enough in our training. Last week we talked about themat...
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Thematic Learning – and how you can use it

Gone are the days of the listen and learn mentality, people embrace training because it enriches their lives and helps them to develop. What they don’t want is to be preached to in the overwhelming style of classroom teaching. After all, research suggests that everybody learns differently, whether...
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The five personalities of innovators

Whenever I try to conjure up what innovation looks like, the same slideshow of images clicks across my mind: that photo of Einstein with his tongue sticking out, Edison with his light bulb, Steve Jobs onstage in his black turtleneck, introducing the latest iThing. Unoriginal and overdone, to be sure...
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Communication, you can’t change without it

The challenge – for Improved Business Performance in the Training Environment Communication is the life-blood that circulates in all areas of the business. It needs constant attention and improvement. This is a universal truth which we all accept but our actions do not always comply. We are too bu...
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