It’s January, 2021 Normally it’s a time for dreaming dreams and setting goals. This year however there doesn’t seem the usual urgency. Last February I thought the worst of the Covid crisis might be over by summer. Then, perhaps Autumn. OK, well at least it’ll be over by Christmas. No, No and...
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“Keep it Simple Son!”

My old dad had a saying that governed practically everything he did “the simpler the better son”. I’ve recently been reflecting on the wisdom of that approach as I’ve been getting caught up with the complexities of life. The job seemed to be getting more uncertain and ambiguous. For example,...
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2020 Reflections

At the end of last year I put in a budget bid to run some core training within my organisation. One of our big focuses would be Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women and would consist of an online module and then a half a day follow up discussion and application for teams within a […]...
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Life, Learning and Leadership The mantra in the learning and development field when I did my own professional training was to focus on some variation of ASK – the Attitude, Knowledge and Skills needed to do a job well. The conversation and language has moved on since to performance, competencies a...
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ITOL - Growing L&D and professional development

iTOL Questions – Can you tell me a way to grow the L&D department in my organisation?

iTOL Questions is a series of mini-blog posts that aim to answer common L&D related questions and provide help and support for L&D professionals. When you assume a managerial role within an organisation, you generally find that companies are always cutting, changing and rearranging things. B...
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