Certificate in Training Measurement & Analytics



Certificate in Training Measurement & Analytics

Take this downloadable self-paced qualification and start a journey that opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

In the continuing face of relentless change, more pressure is coming on L & D departments to demonstrate that training is both effective and focused.

Organisations need highly trained staff in order to reach their goals and when training doesn’t hit the mark it’s a serious matter with the fault normally at the beginning of the process. – identifying and analysing learning need.

When we have accurately identified the gap that exists between current and desired performance and training plans have been put in place. We need to precisely report on our accomplishments. This requires a high level of competence in performance and assessment technique along with a range of measures to prove the validity of our training.

In short, this qualification will help you to plan, implement, review and act upon assessment of training plans, programmes and activities.


By the end of this qualification you should be able to

  • Describe a range of approaches and techniques to enable you to identify learning needs;
  • Describe how these techniques can be applied to individuals and groups;
  • Help individuals to identify their own current area and level of competence;
  • Identify and agree on the learning requirements needed to meet performance standards;
  • Handle changes in performance requirements and work roles;
  • Prioritise between learning requirements;
  • Evaluate individual and group performance against learning objectives;
  • Evaluate learning programmes against the achievement of operational objectives;
  • Modify and adapt learning events and activities for individuals and groups;
  • Provide feedback to groups and individuals on their achievements;
  • Provide feedback to organisations about improved learning outcomes
  • Setting competence-based standards;
  • Job analysis and Job description;
  • Identifying tasks and Key result areas;
  • Task and Behaviour analysis;
  • Key learning indicators;
  • Determining learning priorities;
  • Internal and external validation;
  • Objective and outcome setting;
  • Individual and group feedback.
  • Performance assessment techniques;
  • Performance indicators and critical success factors;
  • Evaluation strategy;
  • Techniques for training validation;
  • Levels of evaluation;
  • Methods of data collection;
  • Results and process feedback;
  • Positive and negative feedback;

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