Certificate in Mentoring



Certificate in Mentoring

Take this downloadable self-paced qualification and start a journey that opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

A straw poll asking managers how they picked up their management skills will often reveal an answer like : “From a previous boss of mine who taught me a great deal about the real world we work in”.

On-the-job learning has existed for very many years but giving it a separate legitimacy of its own is relatively new. Such is the background of mentoring.

In this Qualification you will look at mentoring as a whole system, you will understand what it is and recognise its uses and its prerequisites;

  • We will describe the process of mentoring from the point of view of all the parties involved;
  • We will examine the sub-skills required by a mentor – what these skills are, and how to develop them as both trainers and mentors.
  • finally we will identify what can go wrong in a mentoring system.

By the end of this qualification you should be able to:

  • Explain the role of the mentor within development programmes;
  • Identify the players involved in a mentoring system, their relationships, their responsibilities and the benefits they receive;
  • Identify learning needs and give feedback to learners on their individual needs;
  • Provide guidance to learners on different learning opportunities which are available within their development programme and/or organisations;
  • Use coaching and business counselling skills with different learners to help them set and review learning objectives;
  • Set and manage learning opportunities and projects for learners which allow for the monitoring of progress;
  • Help individual learners to gain access to internal people and systems which can assist them in acquiring and applying learning in the workplace;
  • State some of the possible problems arising in mentoring and how to overcome them.

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