Certificate in Team Leadership



Certificate in Team Leadership

Take this downloadable self-paced qualification and start a journey that opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

Managing human resources (people) is a crucial role in the modern organisation. This is done through the process of Team Leadership, this is the activity of overseeing staff to ensure that the work is performed to the required standard.

Management supervision plays a vital role and the Team Leader is the important link between staff and senior management. They occupy a strategic position in the hierarchy of the organization. They are directly responsible for ensuring everything, including people; processes; equipment and sometimes budget, is in place to guarantee that standards and targets are met.

The Team Leader is the ignition key that starts the engine of the organisation and keeps the managerial vehicle in motion. The Team Leader plays a key role and needs to be trained to the highest standard.


By the end of this qualification you should be able to

  • Motivate your staff to higher levels of performance;
  • Communicate clearly and concisely to avoid mis-understanding;
  • Develop the best style of communication for your different audiences;
  • Manage yourself more effectively;
  • Successfully solve problems;
  • Develop coping strategies for dealing with pressure and stress.
  • Build an efficient and target reaching team.

Some topics covered are

  • What makes a good manager;
  • Understanding motivation;
  • Developing emotional competence;
  • Managing change;
  • Purpose of communication;
  • Understanding audiences;
  • Verbal communication methods;
  • Written communication methods;
  • Developing styles of communication;
  • Identifying signs of stress;
  • Developing coping strategies;
  • Effective time management;
  • Successful problem solving;
  • Briefing;
  • Delegation;
  • Feedback skills
  • Understanding non-verbal communication

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