The 6 Workplace Personalities and How to Manage Them

At some point you will have come across every single one of these…

There are six workplace personalities which you will have encountered. The chances are they will already be familiar to you but you didn’t know how to categorise them. Due to the diverse nature of workplace personas it can be difficult to manage them all, but we have put this guide in place with specific reference to the learning and development profession.

Let’s begin looking at the personalities:

  1. The Organiser

This worker is logical, they are organised and responsible. They are always comfortable working alone and are great at taking the initiative. The organiser are able to make and follow their own plans to great success.

If you are running a training session with this type of personality leaders should be specific, detailed, and data oriented in their communication. They should also be mindful of their time, show responsibility and work in a linear fashion. This will allow this personality to maximise their output and gain the most from your session.

  1. The Connector

This personality is compassionate sensitive and warm, they build relationships within the workplace and this aides their productivity.

If you are training this type of personality then you should be understanding, caring and personal. This type of interaction will be appreciated by the connector. If they feel valued they will engage with your content and take something from your training.

  1. The Advisor

These are dedicated, conscientious and observant. They are in a position of knowledge and value their own ability.

When managing this type of personality it is important to show them respect by speaking formally with them, listen carefully to what they have to say and show understanding of the importance of their work. If the advisor is valued by you then they will reciprocate with their own input.

  1. The Original

This personality is spontaneous, relaxed and playful. They appreciate it when their work has an interesting twist.

If training this persona you should be expressive, relaxed and playful with them, they appreciate managers who are on the same wavelength as they are and are made to feel comfortable by casual conversation and humour.

  1. The Doer

The doer does. They are adaptable, playful and charming, they focus on their tasks with ease and don’t hesitate to get involved.

You should manage this personality by being concise, keep discussion points short and focus on action, this will give the doer an instant goal. Start with the bottom line and give interactions an edge to keep the conversation interesting.

  1. The Dreamer

Perhaps one of the most difficult personality types to manage the dreamer is imaginative and reflective, they require a sense of direction in order to focus properly.

When dealing with the dreamer managers should aim to aim calm and give them clear direction. Keep away from the touchy feely and overfriendly approach as this can be a distraction, in your training present simple bullet points with a purpose to maintain focus.

It is important for managers to identify these personality types as early as possible- preferably during the hiring process as this will put a clear and structured managerial plan in place.