Developing Professionals in the Heart of a Developing City

Continuous Professional Development on laptop with an iTOL approved course

Our New Strategic Partnership

iTOL is proud to announce our new strategic partnership, in which we will be working closely with London based company, Qualifications House. We will be working to deliver our qualifications and courses around the world.

Together we have already established the first in a network of iTOL accredited centres in the Middle East and North Africa. This type of partnership is the first of its kind and the first centre that we will be working with is the Tafkeer Institute of Vocation Innovation based in Abu Dhabi.

Qualifications House is ‘a unique educational establishment that focuses on awarding qualifications in the UAE and the UK to different categories of people’. They are devoted to providing vocational learning for those who fall outside of the typical boundaries of education. They have established a learning centre for deaf and blind professionals, providing career enhancing opportunities that may not have been available before. Their other services include corporate training and teacher training qualifications. At iTOL we admire the ethos of our new partners and are looking forward to developing our services together.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop; not only do we work in developing the skills and careers of others, but we aim to adapt ourselves so that our services can be used worldwide. We are proud to add Abu Dhabi to the comprehensive list of locations worldwide that benefit from the influence iTOL accredited courses and qualifications. Considering the rapid rate of economic growth achieved by Abu Dhabi in recent years and the projected 3.1% increase for this year, iTOL is committed to developing professionals in the heart of one of the most industriously developing cities in the world.

iTOL director Harry Bundred has commented that he is  ‘really excited to be working with QH-UK in the Middle East and is pleased that their standards of quality and client care match our own. We feel that we can provide valuable support and exciting opportunities for the L&D profession in this area.’