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Diploma in Consulting Excellence

Whether you are an internal or external consultant, a seasoned practitioner or new to the profession, this qualification will give you the ability to transform your client relationships. If you are to engage well with your clients you need more than specialist expertise, you must understand not only the consultancy delivery process but also the human interaction that occurs, as well as the tools and the techniques you need to deliver value to them.


This Programme is built on ITOL’s “8 Pillars of Consulting Excellence” ©



Today’s volatile business setting has intensified the need for high energy L&D professionals to build on their deep understanding of the human side of change. It is imperative that you acquire the skills that will help organisations maintain competitiveness and strategic alignment through all levels of the business. This highly practical programme allows you to enhance the skills that deliver excellent Consultancy Projects. You will develop the tools & techniques to provide superior service as you achieve peak performance in meeting client needs.


Consulting roles; Consulting styles; Consultant responsibility; Consulting models; Consulting methods; Consulting process; Organisational change; Communication skills; Analysing skills; Influencing skills; Decision making; Conflict management; Consulting tools & techniques; Presentation skills; Team alternatives; Group dynamics; Team alternatives; Rapport building; Problem solving; Client analysis; Client engagement; Writing proposals; Costing your work; Organisational analysis; Strategic alignment; Project management models; Project scoping; Stakeholder analysis; Project planning tools.

By the end of the Programme you should be able to:

Manage the process of Consulting: A process has been defined as a “sequence of interdependent yet linked activities which produce a change or development”. Mismanaging the process can result in consulting chaos – you will obtain the expertise that guarantees success.


Deliver business improvement: The only reason for your involvement is to enhance the business. In order to do this you must be able to identify key issues, apply appropriate techniques and produce workable solutions – you will gain the tools that ensure achievement.


Build productive relationships: You will acquire a range of professional and inter-personal tools that will enrich the experience of your clients. You will run outstanding meetings; accurately assess your client’s strategy for style, engagement and much more.


Successfully control consulting programmes: Demonstrate the ability to successfully plan and control consultancy projects utilizing a toolbox of both process models and templates that can be tailored to your specific situation. Always deliver on time & stress free!


Stand tall as a Professional: Accepting the role of a Professional is undoubtedly a ‘promise making’ act! Professionalism is seen not only in the use of outstanding skills but also in adhering to the highest moral standards. You will have an ethical code of practice to guide your behaviour.


Develop elite workgroups: Developing the critical skill of dynamic group work is invaluable as organisations look to shift the attitude of people doing what they assume they are being paid for toward doing what needs to be done in order for the business to progress. You will obtain the expertise to lead peak performing teams.


Navigate organisational complexity: The capacity to maximise your impact within an organisation depends on you developing an integrated approach. The ability to recognise organisational culture, structure, growth pattern and values, gives you the confidence to plot your route to success. You will take away a range of frameworks to simplify a bewildering landscape.


Control your personal environment: The purpose of effectiveness is not just about doing more but about enjoying doing things more. This is achievable when you command your situation. You will receive a number of instruments to facilitate your mission.

Programme Structure:

The programme is built on the foundation of a four day face-to-face workshop supported by 2 blocks of Personal Development and some self-learning modules. In addition time will be required to conduct a work related assignment and to produce a report by way of a presentation, to be delivered at the final assessment day. Time may also be required to participate in a Virtual Learning Group.


Throughout the Programme each participant will undertake a Work Related Assignment and keep a Project Diary. This will be assessed as an Assignment Presentation during the Assessment Day. Participants will be required to keep a Reflective Learning Journal of their involvement.

Who should attend?

  • Specialist Organisational Trainers;
  • Facilitators who wish to expand their skill set;
  • Independent Trainers who need to consult at a higher level;
  • Learning Advisors;
  • Training Managers;
  • Anyone who needs to develop a strategic relationship with clients;
  • Anyone who wishes to raise their profile and increase their impact.

Your fee of £1895 includes:

• Student registration & certification; • Comprehensive workshop material; • Personal Learning Journal; • Access to on-line learning Knowledge Bank; • Supplementary learning resources; • Lunch, tea and coffee on all workshop days; • Marking and moderation; • First year membership of the Institute

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On successful completion of the qualification you will be awarded the ITOL Diploma in Consulting Excellence. The qualification is accredited by ITOL and is equivalent to QCF Level 6 & EQF Level 6.

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