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Certificate in Virtual Design & Delivery

The ability to facilitate online activities is now a core competence for Trainers and Managers alike. In the new workplace, the Virtual Training Room has moved firmly to centre stage as a powerful learning delivery solution. Virtual training has become the cornerstone of learning as organisations recognise that well designed and facilitated virtual training can deliver many benefits compared to traditional face-to-face solutions.

 Delivering and Designing online training is the “must have skillset” for trainers who want to win through in volatile times. In the virtual environment success requires unique skills in group engagement, creating non-traditional interactivity and facilitating robust online training sessions that generate excitement, motivation, attention and retention. 

 In this Qualification we will unravel the mystery of creating engaging, interactive and fun online training courses. Participants will gain the tools, techniques and confidence to master the virtual learning space.

Why you should attend:

  • Master technical expertise to deliver live online training with ease;
  • Learn how to apply a 7 Step Virtual Design model that assures success;
  • Develop unique virtual facilitation skills that ensure learning transfer;
  • Create learner engagement and participation with outstanding interaction and collaboration techniques;
  • Design and develop learning activities that utilise tools that very few others are using;
  • Convert existing content into live online sessions that motivate, excite and engage;
  • Know how to critique a virtual training program to ensure adult virtual learning principles are being met;
  • Be able to extend learning beyond live events by using blended learning technologies;
  • Gain practice by developing a live online session and receive expert feedback;
  • Articulate and demonstrate the competencies of a world class Virtual Designer & Facilitator;
  • Apply best practice for delivering live online training.
certificate in virtual design & delivery training and qualification

Modular Format:

  • Module 1. Understanding The Virtual Environment: 
  • Module 2. Accessing Virtual Tools & Techniques:
  • Module 3. The 7 Step Virtual Design Process:
  • Module 4. The Secrets of Virtual Facilitation:
  • Module 5. Create Your Own Live Online Course:
  • Module 6. Practical Tutorial and Assessment:

Duration Delivery:

The Qualification is delivered in a modular, blended learning format over 4 weeks. ‘Live online learning’ is supplemented by self-learning activities for each module, along with pre-arranged tutorials. 

Each learner is required to deliver a 20 minute virtual session which is peer reviewed and assessed by the course Facilitator. 

The cost includes comprehensive course materials; all Certification costs; a copy of ITOL’s book “The Essentials of Virtual Design”; The Virtual Facilitators Toolkit and Membership of The Institute of Training & Occupational Learning for 12 months.

Here is some (not all) of the topics:

  • Choosing the right platform;
  • recognising constraints;
  • virtual learning theory;
  • the essential time formula; 
  • 7 step design process;
  • 20 virtual tools;
  • mishap management;
  • virtual rapport building;
  • virtual discussion technique;
  • communicating with your voice and face;
  • 6 P’s of preparation;
  • starting sessions well;
  • ending sessions smoothly;
  • dealing with difficult behaviour;
  • Ideal group size;
  • how to engage learners;
  • using the ROPES model; 
  • using the CORE model; 
  • virtual facilitation techniques;
  • becoming friends with the camera;
  • characteristics of the virtual learner;
  • building positive group dynamics;
  • neuroscience of learning etc.

Your fee of £1495 includes:

• Comprehensive course notes • Personal Learning Journal • Supplementary learning resources • Lunch, tea and coffee on all workshop days; • Marking & moderation • First year Membership of the Institute

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On successful completion of the qualification you will be awarded the ITOL Certificate in Virtual Design & Delivery. The Qualification is equivalent to level 4 (England Wales N Ireland) level 5 (European Union) level 7 (Scotland).

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