International Membership

Why become an International Member of  the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning?

There are so many reasons why you should join ITOL:

  • Post Nominal Letters
  • Advocacy Scheme
  • ITOL Reference Library
  • Discount on Books
  • Back Issues of Training Magazines
  • People Alchemy
  • Glossary of Training Terms
  • My ITOL
  • Discounts for Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Discounts Learning Materials
  • Discounts on Qualifications

Plus many, many more….

Application Guidance

We recognise that the world of learning is becoming increasingly more complex in it’s make-up and we have found that simple hard edged criteria to determine level of membership is outmoded and no longer fit for purpose.
The Admissions Panel of the Institute now assess against three criteria; Expertise; Experience and Eminence.

  • Expertise relates to skill; knowledge; proficiency and capability.
  • Experience relates to length of time and areas of involvement.
  • Eminence relates to status, prominence or reputation (Training practitioner, Training manager, Director of Learning, Etc).

In this way the Institute’s level of membership more closely reflects the individual’s contribution to the profession.

Why not phone our membership liaisons team (0845 475 1969) for further help with your application?

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I hereby make an application to join the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and certify that the details contained in this application are correct.

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