How To Use Your Evaluation Store Promo Code

Go to  and enter the ‘evaluate yourself or others’ area (bottom right)

Choose the top option (How effective and I with others?) to generate a behavioural evaluation for yourself.

OR   Choose the 2nd option (Understanding another person) to generate a behavioural estimation/assessment of your opinion on someone else (for the purposes of understanding them, selling to them or influencing them).

OR choose any other report – the ITOL free to use code works on all!

Sample reports are available – check to see how they compare with more expensive behavioural assessment options.

  • Follow the instructions and answer the 20 questions.
  • At the end, choose the ‘Purchase full, detailed report’ option (top option, not the short, free report)
  • At the payment page, to the bottom left there is a ‘Voucher codes’ area
  • On this page, you can also select £,$ or euro
  • Cut & paste (or type)   ITOLfreeNov2017    into that box (Note: it IS case sensitive and there are no spaces)
  • Click ‘Use’
  • Check that the payment amount has reduced to zero
  • Click ‘checkout and pay’ to proceed
  • Input the title you would like on the report and the e-mail address you would like it sent to – your personal report is e-mailed to you within a few minutes.


This code will also work to buy any number of Spectrum behavioural codes (self or A.N.Other, or even other evaluations) in the members area of the site (see ) for your customers or fellow employees to use.


Other reports available from EvaluationStore:

  • TEAM spectrum, behavioural report
  • High performing Team
  • Motivation at work (Individual and team)
  • How I think and learn
  • How I communicate
  • 360 degree behavioural report