UK Licensed Centre

Become a UK ITOL Centre

7 BIG Benefits;

1. Unlimited use of the Licence: No restriction on the number of learners and no hidden costs. Once you’ve paid – you’ve paid;

2. Simple written agreement: No complicated legal documents, just a simple transparent couple of paragraphs outlining our individual responsibilities;

3. No monitoring visits: We refuse to play ‘Quality Charades’ – we trust you end of story. (Besides there are other ways of ensuring quality);

4. No trainer ‘Down-Time’: No non-productive hours for your trainer, or extra expense for you, marking assignments etc. The Introductory Certificate in Training & Development is assessed by you on the spot.

5. Quick certification response: ITOL guarantee a 7 working day turn-around from the date of certificate request;

6. Nationwide Coverage:There are no geographical boundaries attached to the license, you may offer the qualification nationally as you wish

7. Incredibly Inexpensive