Certificate in Training Design

Certificate in Training Design

Home Study Certificate – £297 & vat

Take this downloadable open learning qualification and embark on a pathway that opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

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We sometimes forget that training is an art and not a science, in other words there is no formula that if followed makes learning guaranteed. Over the years there have been numerous theories about how people learn. Each successive revelation adds a little more to our understanding of what helps and what hinders learning. These discoveries are reflected in the continuous development of new ideas, technologies and methods of training. However, designing training to help people learn has no set procedure or right way of doing it. That is not to say that we do not have many useful concepts, experiences, technologies and techniques upon which to call. The aim of this qualification is to introduce you to a number of these and help you apply them to the design of learning in your own work situation.

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the qualification you should be able to:

• recognise the important factors involved in specifying learning requirements;
• examine ways of designing learning;
• provide guidance on devising learning plans;
• specify the learning requirements to meet identified needs;
• identify and select options for meeting learning requirements;
• design learning to meet the needs of individuals and small groups;
• specify the resources and systems needed to support learning;
• develop and agree learning plans with learners and resource providers.

Learning Methods

This excellent Home Study Qualification is designed in three modules: Specifying Learning Requirements; Designing Learning; Producing and Agreeing Learning Plans. The programme is designed for you to work on it whenever and wherever you wish. (“at your own pace in your own space”).
To achieve the Home Study Certificate a short knowledge test will be completed. You will be asked to provide answers to demonstrate that you know and understand how to design an effective piece of learning.

Content – Some of the topics you will learn are:

An overview of learning design; What are we trying to achieve? Where are we starting from? Researching and Analysing entry behaviour; Types of learning outcomes; Drawing up and agreeing a specification; Preparing learners for training; Principles of learning design;