CPD – Training Needs Analysis

CPD – TNA – Identifying and Analysing Training Needs

1 Day Course

Cost – £197 & vat

As organisations continue to face global financial difficulties, it brings added pressure on the Learning & Development Profession to ensure that training is both effective and focused. The focus of an organisation has to be on successfully achieving its objectives. It is imperative for staff to be trained in the knowledge and skills that are needed in order to reach those goals.

When training misses the mark, more often than not the fault lies right at the beginning – in the way needs were identified in the first place. Correct training needs analysis helps to address this and enables effective training plans to be put in place. This course is designed to help you achieve excellence in this arena by enabling you to identify the gap between current and desired organisational and individual performance by ensuring that new challenges and opportunities are matched with the right training.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

* Recognise the relationship between Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Performance Management and the links to strategy and organisation effectiveness
* Understand the application of TNA principles within the context of your organisation
* Be able to analyse with line management the issues they are facing and develop training interventions that bring solutions
* Be able to apply a range of tools, techniques and methodologies facilitating effective Training Needs Analysis (TNA) using corporate, group and individual inputs
* Have developed an action plan for implementing Training Needs Analysis (TNA) strategy for your organisation


* Training Needs Analysis (TNA) at Organisational, Team and Personal levels
* Learning or training. Does it matter?
* Why identify and analyse training needs?
* Learning and organisational effectiveness
* Learning and organisational strategy & planning
* Analysis of current training needs in your organisation
* Identifying Team maturity and development needs
* Tools for identifying needs
* Performance management and training needs
* The role of competency models
* Training, what are the options?
* The role of Job specs, appraisals etc
* Personal development and action planning

All our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training Courses can be delivered “In-House” anywhere in the world, and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Learning materials etc. can be customised within the learning framework, in order to provide greater relevance to the delegates workplace

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