Introductory Certificate in Training & Development

£297 (inclusive of VAT)

Take this downloadable open learning qualification and embark on a pathway that opens up a world of new employment opportunities.

Need To Know:

3 Modules:

What training is and why it matters

The systematic approach to Training

The organisation of Training

What and Why?

This Qualification is designed to help you function more effectively as a trainer, whether you work in that capacity on a full-time basis, or whether training is only an occasional part of your job, or whether you are hoping to embark on a career in training.

The open learning approach in this Home Study Qualification allows you the maximum flexibility and the freedom to choose how much to study, in what detail, when and how long to take.

The material intersperses text with a range of exercises (often referred to as Activities) designed to help reinforce learning on the principle of ‘what I do I understand’. The Qualification also includes Workplace Activities, designed specifically to help you relate your learning to your work.

Summative checks (Self Checks) are also included with the object of testing whether you have really mastered the topic in question. In addition, at the end of each Part you will find a Progress Check, which is effectively a re-statement of the specific objectives addressed in that Part, in a format that will enable you to assess yourself against each particular objective.

What’s Included:

*  Comprehensive Manual containing 3 Modules;
*  1 Activity Assessment Book;
*  Unlimited learning support that guarantees success.