Certificate in Mentoring
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£895 & vat

What and Why?

Whether you’re looking to enhance your career as a mentor within your workplace, or you’re a first-time mentor, this Qualification will help you develop your mentoring style. You will getpractical guidance on setting up and/or improving existing mentoring schemes, and you will learn the pitfalls to avoid. Topics covered include:

Mentoring overview; Benefits to the protégé, to the mentor, to the line manager, to the organisation; The EFS Model; Phases of mentoring; Selecting mentors; Selecting protégés; Potential problems; Prerequisites of a mentoring scheme; Launching the scheme; Monitoring and evaluating the scheme

Need to Know

This baseline Mentoring Qualification is for people wishing to develop their mentoring skills at any level of business. It aims to give you a clear insight and understanding into, not only the formation and maintenance of mentoring schemes within organisations, but also into the dynamics that happen between people when they work one-to-one.

The temptation when coaching or mentoring someone is to provide solutions to problems or difficulties.

We will help you find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage them find the solutions for themselves.

What’s Included

  • 1 Comprehensive Manual containing 4 Modules;
  • 4 Audio Sessions full of extra material and practical advice;
  • 1 Mentoring Programme & Planner;
  • 1 Case Study Assessment;
  • Unlimited learning support that guarantees success

Duration: This fast track qualification is built around an intensive 3 day practical workshop but also includes: Pre-Course Reading, Case Study Analysis, Self-Learning Material and Reflective Learning Journal.

The fee includes:

  • Pre course reading
  • Student registration & certification
  • All training materials
  • One year’s membership of the Institute

On successful completion of the qualification you will be awarded the ITOL Certificate in Mentoring. The qualification is accredited by ITOL and is equivalent to QCF Level 4 and EQF Level 5.