Diploma in Organisational Learning

Diploma in Organisational Learning

£2595 & vat

To keep up with the rapid fluctuations and higher challenges of the 21st century business landscape, organisations must become dynamic and responsive in their approach to learning.

We, as Learning & Development Professionals, need to help our organisations understand learning as a competitive tool and to encourage the paradigm shift that recognises learning, not as a cost but as sound business strategy.

The Diploma in Organisational Learning qualification provides an in-depth understanding of a range of concepts relating to the role of L&D within organisations. It also helps you develop the skills that will increase not only your personal success but also increase your impact within the organisation (or with clients). It will provide a depth of knowledge and expertise to enable proactive contribution. It will also develop specialist skills enabling you to ensure aligned, integrated, effective and sustained learning at all levels.


  • Organisational Learning Frameworks;
  • Integrated Model for Organisational Learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Developing Teams;
  • ‘Fake Work’
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Change Strategies
  • Organisational Culture
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Action Learning
  • Informal Learning
  • L&D Strategy


  • Collaborative Learning Cycle
  • Facilitation of Learning
  • Organisational TNA
  • Organisational Design
  • Developing Key Groups
  • Competence Frameworks
  • ‘The Learning Organisation’
  • MOI
  • Assessment of the ‘Gurus’
  • Social Learning
  • Learning beyond Kolb
  • Evaluation beyond Kirkpatrick

Programme Structure:

The programme is built on the foundation of a four day face-to-face workshop supported by 2 blocks of Personal Development and some self-learning modules.

In addition time will be required to conduct a work related assignment and to produce a report by way of a presentation. Time will also be required to participate in a Virtual Learning Group.


Throughout the Programme each participant will carry out a Work Related Assignment and keep a Project Diary. This will be assessed at an Assignment Presentation during the final workshop. A Knowledge Test will also be set. Participants will also be required to keep a Reflective Learning Journal of their involvement with a Virtual Learning Group.

The fee includes:

  • Student registration & certification
  • Comprehensive workshop material
  • Personal Learning Journal
  • Access to on-line learning Knowledge Bank
  • Supplementary learning resources
  • Lunch, tea and coffee on all workshop days
  • Marking and moderation
  • First year’s Membership of the Institute

On successful completion of the qualification you will be awarded the ITOL Diploma in Organisational Learning. The qualification is accredited by ITOL and is equivalent to QCF Level 6 and EQF Level 6.