Certificate in Learning Evaluation & Impact

Certificate in Learning Evaluation & Impact

Home Study Certificate – £297 & vat

Take this downloadable open learning qualification and embark on a pathway that opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

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An essential feature of the training process is the measurement of the effectiveness of that training. This qualification is designed to enable you to do just that. Initially we focus on why we assess the effectiveness of training and what we mean by effectiveness. We consider performance and assessment techniques and look at their validity as well as how to select specific techniques.

In short, the aim of this qualification is to help you to plan, implement, review and act upon assessment of training plans, programmes and activities.


Key Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this qualification you should be able to:

• Evaluate individual and group performance against learning objectives;
• Evaluate learning programmes against the achievement of operational objectives;
• Modify and adapt learning events and activities for individuals and groups;
• Provide feedback to groups and individuals on their achievements;
• Provide feedback to organisations about improved learning outcomes.


Key Learning Methods:

This excellent Home Study Qualification is designed into three substantial modules: Training Effectiveness, Testing and Performance; Techniques for Validating Training; Feedback. The programme is designed for you to work on it whenever and wherever you wish. (“at your own pace in your own space”).

To achieve the Home Study Certificate a short knowledge test will be completed. You will be asked to provide answers to demonstrate that you know and understand how to evaluate the impact of training.

Content – some of the topics you will learn are:

Why assess the effectiveness of training?; Internal and external validation; Objective and outcome setting; Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests; Performance assessment techniques; Performance indicators and critical success factors; Summative and formative assessment; Validity and reliability of tests; Record-keeping; Evaluation strategy; Techniques and documentation for validating training; Levels of evaluation; Methods of data collection; Results and process feedback; Positive and negative feedback; Giving and receiving feedback; Individual and group feedback.