About Us

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is the UK’s elite professional body for trainers and L&D Professionals. In the Year 2000 the UK government granted ‘Institute’ status and since that time we have become recognised as the premier organisation for everyone involved in the world of learning and education.

Whether you’re a new trainer taking your first steps into the profession or an experienced professional seeking to further your career, ITOL, with its vast range of expert advice and accessible learning, is on hand to help you progress.
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The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) provides;



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Why Join ITOL?

Membership of ITOL signifies your commitment to the highest standards within the L&D profession.

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It is imperative that you invest seriously in the one place that guarantees a rich return on investment – YOU!

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Let ITOL become your Continuing Professional Development Partner…and reap your rewards.

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ITOL Coaching Qualifications are the answer.

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