CPD – High Impact Consulting

CPD – High Impact Consulting

2 Day Course

£297 & vat

More and more Learning & Development Professionals are being asked to act as ‘Consultants’ within their organisation. At the same time, increasing numbers of Learning & Development practitioners are deciding to leave corporate life and become independent consultants. Whether internal or external, employed or self-employed, operating successfully as a consultant requires a unique blend of practical and incisive skills. This highly concentrated learning experience enables you to increase your impact and add greater value as a business partner. If you need to build relationships with key people, understand their business needs, present business solutions, influence them and build their commitment to take action, then you are operating in the role of a consultant. Attend this highly practical 2 day course and learn how to boost your skills and have greater organisational impact.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

* Recognise the stage in the consultancy cycle
* Utilise the 7 Steps to a successful assignment
* Understand 5 consulting models
* Identify your own consulting style and develop a flexible approach
* Use 9 Powerful Consultancy Tools
* Recognise the 80:20 rule and know why you will fail without it
* Identify and manage the stakeholder system
* Help people work constructively through change
* Manage conflict to achieve optimum results
* Use a range of negotiating skills and behaviours
* Analyse your clients motivation factors and use them successfully
* Gain your client’s commitment to the next steps

Course Outcomes Continued

* Formulate a strategy for growing your own consulting role
* Action plan to progress personal development
* The Consulting Environment
* The Consulting Cycle
* The Role and Competencies of a Consultant
* Consultant Intervention styles
* Stakeholder mapping and commitment
* Building and maintaining relationships
* Understanding your client
* Organisation culture
* Power and influence
* Change resistance
* Negotiating behaviours
* Handling conflict
* Disengagement and follow up
* Personal Action Planning

All our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses can be delivered “In-House” anywhere in the world, and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Learning materials etc. can be customised within the learning framework, in order to provide greater relevance to the delegates workplace.

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