CPD – Essential Facilitation Skills

CPD – Essential Facilitation Skills

2 Day Course

Cost – £297 & vat

Facilitation is increasingly becoming a required skill of the Learning & Development Professional who wishes to have a greater impact within their organisation. It is essential for the Independent Training Consultant!

More and more we are required to develop and apply a suite a problem solving, decision making and consensus building tools to harness the intelligence, creativity and energy of the people whose commitment is required if key business goals are to be achieved. In many organisations time is at a premium, grabbing people’s attention and air time is not always easy so any event has to be facilitated in a slick, fast-paced and professional manner.

The course enables you to design and deliver facilitated events that achieve success. Feedback from both the trainer and fellow delegates will ensure the participants derive the greatest value as they practice their skills.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

* Understand the unique role of the facilitator
* Perform the crucial responsibilities of a facilitator
* Use a design process that ensures a successful outcome
* Handle group dynamics and deal with challenges, resistance and disruption
* Choose appropriate activities to engage the participants
* Lead and manage the group toward their stated goal
* Maintain pace, energy and momentum
* Ensure the momentum caused by a successful event is translated into further action

Course Outline

* 10 tasks of an excellent facilitator
* 4 Vital skills for successful facilitation
* Creating a climate for success
* Engaging stakeholders
* Designing an event and creating buy in from the stakeholders
* Use of creative facilitation techniques (20 Take Away Tools)
* Managing the process * Maintaining direction and monitoring progress
* Handling difficult people and situations
* Ensuring order and momentum is maintained
* Reviewing progress against anticipated outcomes.

Action Planning

This is a `Hands On’ course where participants take turns to run a series of facilitated events where they will use the best tools to secure the answers to their own priority facilitation challenges. After each event the facilitator will receive feedback from their peers and trainer on their performance.

All our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses can be delivered “In-House” anywhere in the world, and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Learning materials etc. can be customised within the learning framework, in order to provide greater relevance to the delegates workplace.

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