Certificate in Training Consultancy

A training consultant is an experienced professional who specialises in the processes used to train in a professional manner.  The advice and services offered by this consultant helps businesses and other groups to train more effectively.  When working at their best, many organisations will consider training consultants as a valuable addition to their current in-house training team.

Typically, training consultants work to analyse the training processes used by an  organisation, discovering issues in the system, and then developing ways to resolve them.  After analysing the training system that is in place, training consultants will offer advice on how to revamp training in light of their expertise.  They will observe and evaluate the training system, then providing advice on the organisation and structure of the system based on their findings.   Common techniques can include implementing new methods, restructuring, or incorporating improved technology.  The end goal of their efforts is to maximise efficiency in the training department.

While part of their job may involve training, the responsibility of a training consultant is not simply to train, but to provide assistance and professional advice to those who do.

The purpose of this programme is to explore the role of the consultant.  It considers the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours required by an effective consultant.  It looks at the ethical standards and codes of conduct and will give you a framework to evaluate you current knowledge, skills and behaviours to plan your future development.

It reviews the phases of the consultancy process and typical consultancy interventions introducing a range of tools, skills and techniques to support effective interaction with clients.


By the end of the programme you should be able to:

  • Understand and develop a good consulting relationship
  • Use a consultancy model that ensures success 
  • Utilise a range of tools that identify and analyse client needs
  • Develop effective solutions and measure their potential impact
  • Develop and present a business case appropriate for your client


In order to achieve the above outcomes the following content will be explored:

The training consultants No.1 priority
Understanding human interaction
Analyse the ‘Competent Consultant’
Identify and develop key skills
The Consultancy Model
Tools for problem identification
Develop a client solution matrix
Strategic implementation planning
Presenting a successful business case

Success Criteria:

  • Ongoing assessment of practical skills
  • Reflective learning journal
  • Completion of a two part interactive case study


Throughout the programme each participant will engage in a variety of practical tasks which will be assessed by the course trainer.  In addition each participant will keep a Reflective Learning Journal, highlighting their journey of discover.  Assessment is concluded  by the completion of an interactive case study.


This ‘fast track’ qualification is built around an intensive three day practical workshop with some self-learning materials to support the face to face interaction.

Fees Include:

  • Student Registration & Certification
  • Comprehensive workshop material
  • Supplementary learning resources;
  • Lunch, tea and coffee on all workshop days
  • Marking and moderation
  • First year’s membership of the Institute.

On successful completion of the qualification you will be awarded the ITOL Certificate in Training Consultancy.The qualification is accredited by ITOL and is equivalent to QCF Level 4 and EQF Level 5.