CPD – Aim For Success

CPD – Aim for Success

Cost – £249*

Action Implementation Module



A three month optional module designed to boost the workplace implementation of learning. I’m sure we are aware of the research showing that all new learning, understanding or skills must be put into practise as quickly as possible or their impact on your effectiveness will be minimal. Aim for Success is designed to help you gain maximum benefit from your learning investment. At the beginning of the module you will be assigned a personal coach with whom you will agree and put into your diary 3 telephone coaching sessions. Your coach will discuss and review your current achievements and will assist you in setting and achieving key target based on your new understanding. Your coach will also provide you with additional tools and materials that will support you in achieving success.

We will, of course, provide all the documentation you require, as well as some additional tools. Throughout the module your personal coach will be sending you, by e-mail, hints and tips that will enhance your learning and maintain your motivation.

* when booked at the same time as your CPD Course

Your success will be achieved in 4 steps;

Step 1. Three days after the end of your course you will submit a ‘Development Action Plan’ which will form the foundation of your success.

Step 2. Seven days after the receipt of your ‘Development Action Plan’ the first of your pre-booked telephone coaching sessions takes place. The purpose of this first session is to review your learning and to agree and set objectives, based on your ‘Development Action Plan’ for you to work toward. We would normally anticipate the objectives to be achieved within one month.

Step 3. Four weeks later your second pre-booked telephone coaching session takes place. The purpose of this session is to review progress against goals; identify any hindrances and develop strategies to overcome them. If necessary, new goals are set.

Step 4. Four weeks later your third pre-booked telephone coaching session takes place. The purpose of this session is to review original objectives, celebrate success and set future strategy for your career.

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