International Licensed Centre

Become an International ITOL Centre

7 BIG Benefits;

1. Unlimited use of the Licence: No restriction on the number of learners and no hidden costs. Once you’ve paid – you’ve paid;

2. Simple written agreement: No complicated legal documents, just a simple transparent couple of paragraphs outlining our individual responsibilities;

3. No monitoring visits: We refuse to play ‘Quality Charades’ – we trust you end of story. (Besides there are other ways of ensuring quality);

4. No trainer ‘Down-Time’: No non-productive hours for your trainer, or extra expense for you, marking assignments etc. The Introductory Certificate in Training & Development is assessed by you on the spot.

5. Quick certification response: ITOL guarantee a 7 working day turn-around from the date of certificate request;

6. Nationwide Coverage:There are no geographical boundaries attached to the license, you may offer the qualification nationally as you wish

7. Incredibly Inexpensive

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Organisation infrastructure and quality assurance framework

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1) What resources, support and mechanisms are there to ensure that learning and assessment are adequately resourced?
2) How do you provide an appropriate learning environment?
3) How do you ensure there are robust quality assurance arrangements?

Declaration - to be signed by the member of staff with senior management responsibility
By signing this Declaration you confirm that the organisation named in this application:
will ensure its quality systems apply to all sites and/or partners and comply with ITOL Standards
1) Will ensure that staff members involved in the delivery and assessment of the qualifications are members of ITOL and that they are occupationally competent and that their continuing professional development will be supported
2) Will provide full support to ITOL monitoring activities
3) Will accept that ITOL will hold and process electronically the information given
4) Will comply with all current relevant law, regulatory criteria and codes of practice
5) Will provide effective lines of communication between its staff and ITOL
6) Has the support of the Senior Management Team in this submission for approval to offer the qualification(s)

I confirm that the details contained in this application are, to the best of my knowledge, correct and that I have read and understood the above declaration.

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