iTOL Questions- What are the reasons why an employee can’t carry out their job properly?

Jun 23
This is the first in a series of mini posts in which we deconstruct the answers to important L&D related questions. The aim is to produce a comprehensive guide for L&D practitioners who can then use these answers in their own training roles. Today’s Question: What are the reasons why

Why Training is Undervalued- pt 3

Jun 09
This is the final installment of Why Training is Undervalued, and follows on from our previous blog post which explained how many trainers have inadequate training and ways to recognise professionals who are properly qualified. As perceptions of the training industry have changed over time for both managers and employees, it

Why Training is Undervalued- pt 2

May 26
Continuing from our last blog post  we are going to look at the second reason why training is undervalued. As outlined before we are looking specifically as the issues within the industry as these are factors that can be controlled by practitioners. As perceptions of the training industry has changed

Why Training is Undervalued- pt 1

May 12
Why is it so difficult to get people to recognise the value of training? It is after all, a vital element in any organisation. Training and development has the potential to increase the output and capabilities of any organisation. Invest in your staff, and you will see the return. It

5 Facts about the Brain that will Increase Productivity

Apr 17
5 Facts about the Brain that will Increase Productivity. The human brain is a powerful thing However, many of us don’t use it to its full potential. So we have compiled 5 facts that can be used to increase productivity. These insights will be useful for learning and development professionals

Why Leading Trainers Use this iTOL Personal Assessment Tool

Apr 14
Why leading trainers are using this iTOL personal assessment tool. At iTOL we look after our members. We provide our members with exclusive access to the latest in professional materials, links and networks. One of the most popular resources we offer is our CPD Toolkit, a cutting edge collection of

How businesses have seen a HUGE Return on Investment with Mentoring

Apr 13
How businesses have seen a HUGE return on investment with Mentoring. It’s easy to calculate… Mentoring is an important part of any business, it is a simple tool that has many benefits, one of which is the potential for a large return on investment. What we are going to do

The 6 Workplace Personalities and How to Manage Them

Apr 10
The 6 Workplace Personalities and How to Manage Them. At some point you will have come across every single one of these… There are six workplace personalities which you will have encountered. The chances are they will already be familiar to you but you didn’t know how to categorise them.

Here is a Networking Philosophy that Works

Apr 07
Here is a Networking Philosophy that Works. What’s the big deal with networking? It is simple, networking is a way for professionals to connect with each other and it’s a really important skill to have. At iTOL HQ we have been watching this Ted Talks video about networking and we

10 Ways World Class Trainers are Making Training Stick

Apr 06
The 10 Ways to Make Training Stick.   What are these 10 simple tricks?   So, there are ten criteria to creating stickiness in training…   They are:   Train using visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile tools It is vital to use the right tools for the right participants. You should

9 Things Trainers SHOULD NOT Ask Their Students to Do

Apr 03
9 things trainers SHOULD NOT ask their students to do. Do you find it hard to keep your students on your side?   Training and development relies heavily on the participation of the students, so it is important that as trainers we keep our students on board. There are 9

The Three C’s of Consulting

Mar 24
The Three C’s of Consulting. As a consultant you may think to yourself that there should be some form of magic formula, recipe or equation that can be used to create the most effective consultancy experience. The truth is that   being a successful consultant doesn’t happen by accident, in

Telling a Story to Engage Your Participants

Mar 22
Telling a Story to Engage Your Participants.  In the learning and development profession many of us use storytelling on a daily basis. We attempt to capture the imagination of our students and metaphor becomes a valuable training tool. What we must ask ourselves is if we use storytelling enough in

Developing Professionals in the Heart of a Developing City

Mar 20
Developing Professionals in the Heart of a Developing City. Our New Strategic Partnership iTOL is proud to announce our new strategic partnership, in which we will be working closely with London based company, Qualifications House. We will be working to deliver our qualifications and courses around the world. Together we

Thematic Learning- and how you can use it

Mar 17
Thematic Learning- and how you can use it. Gone are the days of the listen and learn mentality, people embrace training because it enriches their lives and helps them to develop. What they don’t want is to be preached to in the overwhelming style of classroom teaching. After all, research

The five personalities of innovators

Mar 10
  Whenever I try to conjure up what innovation looks like, the same slideshow of images clicks across my mind: that photo of Einstein with his tongue sticking out, Edison with his light bulb, Steve Jobs onstage in his black turtleneck, introducing the latest iThing. Unoriginal and overdone, to be

Communication, you can’t change without it

Mar 10
  The challenge – for Improved Business Performance in the Training Environment Communication is the life-blood that circulates in all areas of the business. It needs constant attention and improvement. This is a universal truth which we all accept but our actions do not always comply. We are too busy;